Thursday, May 16, 2019
By Dukedom Music & Publishing
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The Beauty of Mexico trailer 8

Saturday, August 25, 2018
By Dukedom Music & Publishing
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The Beauty of Mexico Trailer 6

The Beauty of Mexico Trailer 6

Tuesday, September 06, 2016
By Claude Duke
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A TV Travel Documentary Series and Companion Photography Book

by Claude Duke 


A Production of Dukedom Studios Ltd.


The Beauty of Cuba Trailer 4


Pilot for up to 13 Episodes x 44 minutes and Photography Book ​



The Beauty of Cuba shares a journey of discovery through

the lens of Chilean photographer and producer, Claude Duke.

Share the lives of some of the most interesting Cubans and their culture now.​​

 Cuba is a time capsule with a fascinating past,

politicized misconceptions about the present

 and visions filled with hopes and dreams for the future.

​Join us!  We are sharing rarely seen, behind the scenes,

living portraits of the heart and soul of Cuban life.​




This narrative documentary is introduced by Claude Duke

with four hosts and featuring special guests.

Together, they represent the best of Cuban music and dance,

food, touristic history and ecology.

Each episode is brimming with up-front and personal encounters

of 2 to 4 minutes each, all set to original music.​


Trailer opening song by Claude Duke



 Structure per 44 minute episode:





We are proud of the interest and support from Cuba.


Of particular value are all the permits and visas fully approved


by the Cuban Government for our Canadian / Cuban Crew.


Without their consent, this timely series couldn't be possible.


These approvals are a huge vote of confidence and not easily


awarded, bringing us to market with a critical edge


if we can move with an appropriate sense of urgency.


Producer and Director

Owner Dukedom Studios

Multimedia Art and Travel Photographer

Actor, Musician, Fashion Designer 

Author of FunFabulous Vancouver




Voice over for “The Beauty of Cuba“ trailer

Creator, producer & director of 13 x 40 Television Series “The Beauty of Cuba”

Creator, Show producer & Voice over for “Angels in the City“  trailer   

 4 promotional videos and brochures for MTL Tours in Varadero

12 Musical Videos featuring Claude Duke

Singer and actor role for commercials



Created the “The Funfabulous Vancouver” photography book

Sponsored and presented by The Art Institute of Vancouver

Photo Exhibition “In My Search of Beauty“ at The Hunter Bisset Gallery in 2011

2011 * 12 * 13 * 14 Fine art photography Calendars

5 Years as a Freelance Photo Journalist and a Show Biz Photographer in Miami, Florida, USA

Producer of 3 Fashion Catalogues in Quebec City, Canada


Osmel Francis

Presenter of environmental ecology

Environmental steward for Cuba

Singer, rapper, ecologist, educator

Member of the creative team of the Beauty of Cuba

Antonio Colominas

Presenter of Cuban change makers

25 years in Cuban travel hospitality

Fluent in Spanish, Italian and English


José Meriño Céspedes (Tito)

Cinematographer assistant

 “Felix Elmuza” medal recipient for artistic photography


Maya Ivonne Quiroga

Spanish continuation writer

Cuban Journalist, radio and TV personality

Director of “The Making of” for “Entre Tu y Yo” 

Luis Alberto Echavarria

Bassist, Cardenas , Matanzas

Band leader for Varaderos

Composer, Producer and

Sound Engineer – Studio owner 

José Alberto Menendez

Customizing the Pilot and Series

Music illustrations

Jazz and traditional Cuban music

composer, arranger, drummer, piano player

Calgary author with a passion for all things Latin.
Author of
The Cuban Chronicles/Editor’s Choice Award
Circle of Life Series
Of Love, Life and Journeys/Bestseller poetry 2004 (Canadian)
The Enlightened Entrepreneur’s Workbook

Quisha Girad-Lau ​

Assistant Director​ & Team coordinator​
Wide experience in event management
Global outreach, and team organization
Fulfilment Manager with Landmark Forum/Western Canada
City of Vancouver Civilian Merritt & Firefighter Lifesaver Award 2011​

Emilie Le Garf

Freelance designer
International clientele
6 years in luxury industry in Monaco
Global design experience, graphic, product and interior
Master of science business and management for design

Dustin Kohl ​

Recording Sound Engineer​
Equipment Maintenance​/Drone Operator​
Art Institute of Vancouver
Production Support at PK Sound, Calgary


Osmel Francis

Why Watch The Beauty of Cuba and

Who is Our Target Audience?


 Cuba is Hot! The North American market and Chinese markets are hungry... 

Everyone is interested in experiencing the REAL CUBA,

away from the political posturing is a vibrant, resourceful people full of colour, 

music, dance and food in a largely unspoiled natural paradise. 

Tourists, ex pats, armchair travellers interested in new experiences:

Culinary, Cultural or Recreational.


Businesses interested in this new market​ 

Age: The target audience for the show is 40+ years,

with medium high income, possibly with young adult children - and free to travel. 

This is the largest conventional television audience in the market,

the BOOMER/ZOOMER generation.

Millennials who want laid back authentic Island vibes and love to be visually engaged.  



Facts and figures


Opening the untapped U.S. market’s great buying power.

From 2014 to 2015, there was a 36% increase in US tourists. 

With new direct flights, started in September,

the sky (and accommodation) is literally the limit! ​ 

The Chinese tourist market is a very important growing segment,

with more than 100 million global tourists yearly. ​ 

Over 13 resort projects worth over $460 million in Chinese investment

are underway in Cuba, per Xinhua, official news agency. 

​“Market studies and knowledge show that Chinese tourists

prefer to study and inform themselves 

beforehand on the large array of issues before choosing a destination.

" ​ We have access to that distribution.


“The Beauty of Cuba” offers ‘info-tainment’,

and offers YOU the opportunity to meaningfully access these markets.

Preview of the Beauty of Cuba

Travel photography book

 What's in it for You as a Sponsor of

The Beauty of Cuba Travel Photography Book?


The Client / Sponsor will have 12 pages included at the beginning of the book with any promotional material they choose either provided by them or contracted to be produced by Dukedom Studios .


500 units Format 8.5 x 8.5 w/12 extra promotional pages US$25.00 wholesale

US$12,500 investment at Wholesale with valuation to be determined if there is any contra.  


500 copies Format 11.5 x 11.5 w/12 extra promotional pages US$30.00

US$15,000 investment at Wholesale with valuation to be determined if there is any contra. 


1000 Copies Format 8.5 x 8.5 w/12 extra promotional pages US$23.00

US$23,000 investment at Wholesale with valuation to be determined if there is any contra. 


1000 Copies Format 11.5 x 11.5 w/12 extra promotional pages US$28

US$28,000 investment at Wholesale with valuation to be determined if there is any contra.