Hiring Claude Duke you are not just hiring an inspired Photographer…

But you are counting with his expertise as a Fashion Designer, Advertising Producer and Make Over consultant….

So with his free consultation prior your appointment, you’ll be ready for your cession, making you feel at easy in front the camera getting the best out of your personality .


Free consultation 604-737-8979

Also his works includes:

Layout Design for catalogs, web sites, record covers,

DVD Covers, Commercial Packaging, Video Music Productions


Please check our portfolios at Galleries


Model Agency


We are a new agency that recognizes that all the models careers are unique....

Our mentality is " Maximum Marketing on our minimum of Models "...

this allows to be truly creative aspect with those we represent...


We maybe small in structure but we are big in presence ...

What make us different from the other agencies is that we are constantly looking

for new ways to re-invent ourselves....


Claude Duke Team Personal Interests:

We are constantly looking for fresh talent. Feel free to submit your information and pictures at




Claude Duke is offering a 2 hours photoshot special on outdoor location or a place of choice

with 4 to 6 clothing changes

You will have a USB with your best pictures 24 hours after the cesion

for $ 300 plus HST


Book your consultation 778-834-1440